The internet, coupled with other technological advances, changed our lives in ways many of us don't even consider, and director Jason Reitman is tackling these issues and struggles in his upcoming film, 'Men, Women and Children.' The first trailer, appropriately void of dialogue in favor of online and textual interactions, is a dark look at what's to befall his cast of characters -- and potentially the rest of us -- in the internet age.

Adam Sandler, Judy Greer, Jennifer Garner, up-and-comer Ansel Elgort ('The Fault in Our Stars') and more populate the incredible cast that is 'Men, Women and Children,' which follows the lives of high school teenagers and their respective parents as they all attempt to navigate our technology-dominated, and seemingly ruleless at times, way of life. Just to give you more of the dark, too-close-to-home topics the film will touch upon, Paramount describes it as an attempt "to stare down social issues such as video game culture, anorexia, infidelity, fame hunting, and the proliferation of illicit material on the internet."

Reitman gave us true gems in the past -- from his most recent, Golden Globe-nominated 'Labor Day' to his Oscar-nominated 'Up in the Air,' and who could forget about 'Juno'? -- and 'Men, Women and Children' looks like another winner. Heck, we're happy just to see Adam Sandler back in a dramatic role.

'Men, Women and Children' will hit theaters this October (in limited release on October 3 and wide on October 17).

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