Depending on how you feel about Michael Bay and / or the DC Comics character Lobo, the idea of the former directing a movie about the latter is kind of perfect — either because they’re both awful, or because Lobo, a giant blue-skinned alien bounty hunter ripped from the cover of an Iron Maiden album, is right in Bay’s explosive, in-your-face wheelhouse. Regardless of your personal feelings on the matter, Michael Bay might be directing his very first superhero movie, and of course it’s for DC Films.

Per The Wrap, DC Films enlisted Bay to consult on the screenplay for the Lobo movie, which has been kicking around Warner Bros. for almost a decade. The character, which enjoyed a bit of a comeback in the ’90s when he was reimagined as a gnarly biker dude with a serious attitude, was DC’s answer to Marvel’s foul-mouthed, snarky Deadpool. (Who was, in a sense, an answer to DC’s Deathstroke. Comics are a flat circle.)

For those unfamiliar with Lobo, imagine a tacky hybrid of Deadpool and Glenn Danzig (later era). Now imagine that guy riding his Harley into a Hooters parking lot in outer space.

Bay reportedly offered some notes on the Lobo script by Jason Fuchs, who previously worked on WB’s Wonder Woman (and Pan; never forget Pan). Fuchs will implement those notes and if the mighty Bay is pleased, he might just direct the movie himself. It would be an interesting change of pace for the director of films like Transformers and Armageddon, whose bombastic approach has become so well-known that he had a special camera named after him (the “Bayhem”).

If nothing else, it’d be…interesting…to see what a Michael Bay superhero movie looks like.

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