Just when you though the cast of Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man' couldn't cooler, they go ahead and throw Michael Pena into the mix. While he may not be as big of a name as co-stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, Pena is certainly no slouch, having turned in tremendous performances in in comedies and dramas. In other words, he's the exact kind of charming personality that Marvel likes to put in their movies.

The news (which was initially reported by The Wrap), has been denied by Marvel, but anyone who follows movie news long enough knows that they're a company that deny all kinds of things that turn out to be 100% true [Ed. note: they previously denied Paul Rudd in this very same movie]. Pena's casting in a movie like this makes too much sense. He's the kind of actor that would gel with both Marvel and Wright's aesthetics and he's a familiar, likable face. Audiences who don't recognize him from 'End of Watch' and 'World Trade Center' will probably recognize him from 'Observe and Report' or 'Eastbound and Down.' It would be a bummer if they're not casting him.

The only missing piece of information is who he would be playing. We have no idea who the film's villain is yet and Pena could be going after that role, but we could also see him as a sidekick or friend to Rudd's Scott Lang. It's a testament to his range that we think he could pull off both ends of that spectrum.

'Ant-Man' is on track to begin filming in April and will arrive in theaters on July 31, 2015.