While most of the attention for Microsoft's Xbox One has been focused on the console itself, the company is also working to change the way we'll play games. Though achievements and Gamerscore are already a part of the Xbox Live culture, there are some interesting new twists to how we'll be able to earn cheevos on the Xbox One.

On a new post on Major Nelson's blog, Cierra McDonald, Program Manager for the Xbox Live Achievements service, discussed how Microsoft would incorporate new features and achievements into gaming on the Xbox One. First and foremost, achievements won't just earn you Gamerscore anymore. Now completing tasks in-game could potentially unlock digital artwork, new maps, unlockable characters and temporary stat boosts. Those won't just be limited to games though, as video and music apps can also earn you unlocks via achievements. Don't fret too much though about someone running up the 'score by watching Netflix. Only games will actually earn you any Gamerscore.

There will also be two kinds of achievements on the Xbox One. The standard cheevos we're all used to earning on the Xbox 360 will still be there, but Microsoft is also adding challenges. These are limited achievements you will only be able to earn within a set time-limit, and if you don't act fast enough, you'll miss out on earning it. Challenges won't affect Gamerscore, as Microsoft wants everyone to have the same advantage to rack up points, but they will offer rewards as listed above. Challenges can also be community-based, and could pay dividends for long weekends spent in a game like Gears of War pulling off just headshots.

The Xbox One will also track your progress for individual achievements, as well as showing you how your friends are doing, directly on the dashboard. Now it will be easier than plugging through menu after menu trying to see how well your pals are doing in a particular game. The Xbox One's DVR will also capture footage of achievement moments, which you'll be able to see later as a reminder of a job well done.

What do you think of the changes?