Already jumping at the chance to get an Xbox One? Well, you'll have to wait until later this year to get one, but Microsoft's already trying to make your enthusiasm and loyalty worth it through their pre-order notification service.

If you go to the Microsoft Store online and sign up for Xbox One pre-order notifications, you'll get a $10 credit to the store itself. It's a pretty interesting move to drum up interest well in advance of the actual console's arrival, and one we're surprised we haven't seen before.

You can use this towards anything in the store, even a pre-order for the new console. Even though we don't know how much the Xbox One will cost, it couldn't hurt to lessen the financial blow just a little bit, right?

Interested parties have until June 9th, which is a few days before E3, to sign up and get their credit. You can head over, and enter all of the relevant information for your $10.

Let us know if you're going to take advantage of this promo and, if so, how you're going to use the credit.

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