Virtual personal assistants are all the rage these days, with Siri leading the charge in interactive phone and tablet technologies. Not wanting to be left behind, a new report has surfaced indicating Microsoft is prepping one of its own.

Apple's strides in the VPA market have been well documented, but Google has been stepping up its game over on Android lately as well. That left Microsoft and Windows Phone left to establish some kind of competitor. While it's taken a little time, it looks like Windows Phone users might finally get the help they've been waiting for.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft has been developing its own service, known as Cortana (yes, that Cortana), to give its Windows Phone operating system a boost. Based on the report, Cortana will be more than a voice for search and text messaging though, as the app will supposedly be able to learn and adapt by using learning technology and Bing. Microsoft is apparently envisioning Cortana as a makeover for the entire experience, and the app could extend from Windows Phone to the Xbox One.

Microsoft has been developing its own VPA since 2011, but there's still not telling when it might arrive. Some speculation points to a time between 2014 and 2016, while it's also possible Cortana could be introduced alongside the Blue update coming to Windows Phone next year. Windows Phone has been struggling to overtake iOS and Android, though the past few months has shown consistent improvement in the overall market for the third-place OS. A killer app like Cortana could sway some consumers, but until it actually surfaces, it's unlikely there will be any change.