Miles Teller is it right now, and following his intensely committed performance in the critically acclaimed Whiplash, it stands to reason that we’ll be seeing even more of the gifted young actor. Teller has just chosen his next project, The Life and Times of the Stopwatch Gang, which reunites him with his Two Night Stand producer Ruben Fleischer, who will direct the film based on a true story.

The Wrap reports that Teller has been cast as one of the leads in the upcoming film, which is based on the article by Josh Dean in The Atavist. That article chronicles the story of a gang of Canadian criminals who committed a string of successful bank robberies in the ‘80s without the use of guns. The team reportedly robbed over 100 banks during their spree, accumulating around $10 million.

The gang consisted of Lionel Wright, Paddy Mitchell and Stephen Reid. Wright is described as “a meticulous introvert who could disappear in a room full of people,” while Mitchell was “a charming and well-connected crook who saw an angle in everything and would go to any lengths to avoid the hell of being locked away.” Reid was the gang’s “fearless point man who could find the weakness in any system and whose story — of addiction and descent into crime, of redemption and literary fame — was all prelude to a tragic but life-saving fall from grace.”

It’s not clear which part Teller will play in the film, and it’ll be interesting to learn which actors are cast as his co-stars/cohorts. Teller appears next in Insurgent, which hits theaters on March 20. He also stars in Josh Trank’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, which will be released on August 7.