'Workaholics' star and co-creator Adam Devine has been popping up in mainstream comedy more and more, from recent turns in both season 4 of 'Arrested Development' and 'Community,' as well as on the big screen in 'Pitch Perfect.' Now, the Comedy Central star will take what could be his biggest network gig yet in the upcoming fifth season of ABC Emmy-hoarder 'Modern Family.'

Via TVGuide, we've learned from executive producer Christopher Lloyd (no, not that one) that Devine will take the recurring role of a male nanny described as a nice Midwestern guy who is "fun and matches Gloria's energy in the house. But he doesn't want to just take care of the baby. He wants to sort of revive the entire household, which leads to some territorial clashes with Jay [Ed O'Neill] and Manny [Rico Rodriguez]."

In addition to Devine's role as figurative manny to the Pritchett family, the character may also find himself catching the eye of Gloria's step-granddaughter, Haley (Sarah Hyland).

Meanwhile, the fifth season of 'Modern Family' will see marriage for Cam and Mitch become a "real possibility" following the Supreme Court's DOMA decision. Fans can also expect another family vacation episode, shot on location at an "exotic locale" outside the United States, as well as either another Thanksgiving or Christmas episode, if not both. Comedian Kevin Hart is also rumored to return to the series for a third time.

'Modern Family' season 5 will premiere on ABC Wednesday, September 25, so in the meantime tell us what guest stars you'd like to see arrive or return in the comments!

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