“Hey, young movie. Why can’t you be more like that older movie, ‘The Goonies’? Everyone loves ‘The Goonies.’”—says some studio executive in the tone of a parent who isn’t mad, just disappointed. And so now that ‘Monopoly’ movie that was once set to be directed by Ridley Scott will be more like ‘The Goonies.’ But we all know that ‘Monopoly’ can try as hard as it wants, but it will never get the same kind of affection and attention as ‘The Goonies.’

Years ago, Ridley Scott signed on to direct a movie adaptation of classic board game Monopoly (via Yahoo Movies), working with ‘There’s Something About Mary’ co-writer Frank Beddor to craft a film that would focus on a Monopoly obsessive and “lovable loser” who is transported into the beloved game in a story that was described as a “comedic ‘Wall Street,’” serving as a cautionary tale about greed.

But that didn’t sound like ‘The Goonies’ to anyone at Universal. In a recent interview with Collider, producer Randall Emmett says the ‘Monopoly’ movie is still very much happening, but not with Scott or his vision. They have a new script and a shortlist of directors, and plan on making an announcement in February before shooting this summer. The film will now be more like ‘The Goonies’ and will follow a group of kids trying to evade an evil adult, or as Emmett so brightly describes it, “a guy chasing kids, let’s say”—which doesn’t sound troubling at all.

Coming soon, to a theater near you: ‘Little Children: Monopoly Party.’

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