'Monsters University,' the prequel to the hit Pixar movie 'Monsters, Inc.,' is ready to take us back to where Mike and Sulley first met and learned their scaring techniques. In anticipation of its June 21 premiere, Disney and Pixar have kicked off the viral marketing with an official-looking college website, and now the promotions are continuing with a video message from the Dean.

There's been plenty of 'Monsters University' footage to go around since the releases of the first trailer and clip, but now we get a more touching "Message from the Dean."

Following her initial statement of "Scariness is the true measure of a monster" -- which is funny considering the events of 'Monsters, Inc.' -- we get to see a familiar face or two from the first movie. (Ready to see the younger version of that lizard-like Randall?) But there are also tons of new faces we can look forward to seeing.

What the video doesn't point out is how college wasn't all fun and games for Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman). Before they were best buddies working for Monsters, Inc., the duo were roommates at the Monsters University School of Scaring, and they did not get along.

Before we watch in theaters how the two overcame their differences, check out the new "Message from the Dean" video below, and take some time to browse around the official 'Monsters University' website. Pixar really went all out with making it look like a legit institution.