As you no doubt obviously know, Pixar likes to hide a lot of things in their movies. Whether it's the Pizza Planet truck (which is in 'Brave' this weekend if you keep your eyes open!) or hidden characters from previous or upcoming movies, there are always a bunch of Easter Eggs hidden for the die hard fans.

While we only have about one minute of 'Monsters University' footage from the new trailers to dig through, we took out our magnifying glasses, slowed things down and found some nods back to the original film, cute little gags and other mysterious items...

  • 1

    "Little Mikey"

    If you remember back to the original 'Monsters, Inc.', Little Mikey is Mike Wazowski's cherished stuffed animal. He's very protective of Little Mikey ("Hey, that's it! No one touches little Mikey!") but when Boo is sad, Mike gives up his precious doll to make her feel better. Now in 'Monsters University' we see that back as a college student, Mike even slept with Little Mikey.

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    Monster Pizza Toppings

    Mike has passed out from a long night of studying, an empty pizza box lying on the desk next to him. We can see some of the available toppings you can get on a monster pizza include flem sauce, bunions, gizzards, extra sneeze, pickled snake eyes and cartilage. According to the box, Mike ate extra sneeze and cartilage but by the looks of the slice next to him, it's just pepperoni. No telling if this pizza came from Pizza Planet...

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    'Cars' Cameo?

    If you look at the poster on the wall, you'll see a familiar vehicular character. It certainly looks like one of the characters from the 'Cars' franchise but actually it's a car that Mike will own in the future. Remember the Pixar short film "Mike's New Car" (if not, you can watch it here)? It looks like Mike had his eye on that six-wheeled beauty since back in his college days...

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    Blort Brand Soda

    Blort is a brand of soda in the 'Monsters, Inc.' universe that you would only recognize if you visited Disney's California Adventure park and rode "Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!" In the attraction, there is a monster vending machine that sells such items as Bag O Calories, Sugar-Salt & Fat, Polyvinyl Chloride and...Blort soda.

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    Grrstal Lark Concert

    The posters hanging on Mike's wall include some typical college fare (like the "Go M.U.!" poster) and this concert poster is no exception. But who is "Grrstal Lark" and does she have a larger significance in the movie? Considering the prominence of the poster, it's a definite possibility...