With 'Monsters University' only about two months away, we finally get our biggest and best look at the collegiate world of Mike and Sulley in this brand new 'Monsters University' trailer. And from what we can see, this looks like it could be Pixar's funniest movie yet.

While 'Monsters University' might not carry the emotional heft of an 'Up' or a 'Wall-E,' clearly Pixar was trying for something a little different with their 'Monsters Inc.' prequel. This really is their version of the classic 80s college comedy and much of that comes across in this trailer. While there is a definite "message" to this movie (which we won't get into just yet), a lot of it is just having fun hanging out with Mike and Sulley in college.

The basic story follows the two mismatched scarers who start out as adversaries at Monsters U. Mike is the cerebral scarer while Sulley is the instinctual scarer. The problem is that each rely too much on their strengths and need each other to really be complete scarers. When an incident gets the two expelled, they must team up with the misfit O.K. (Oozma Kappa) fraternity to win the Scare Games and earn their way back into college.

It's fast, loose and fun (if you couldn't tell from the Andrew W.K. and Motley Crue in the trailer) and probably something Pixar needed a little bit of after 'Brave.' 'Monsters University' hits theaters on June 21 and you can watch the brand new trailer below.

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