Watching the trailer for 'Magic of Belle Isle' - which stars Morgan Freeman and Virgina Madsen and is directed by Rob Reiner - you get the sense that it's a genial, older person's film. That it's hitting VOD on June 1 before a limited theatrical run July 6 reminds of another title for a movie: 'No Country For Old Men.'

It's not to say the mighty have fallen with this: Rob Reiner's career trajectory went off course over two decades ago. Post-'North,' he had a hit with 'The American President,' but everything since has been the sort of film that now lines discount DVD sections and cause a flickering of recognition. "Oh yeah, 'Alex and Emma.'" Or "Oh that movie about old people with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, I think my parents said they enjoyed it when they saw it on a plane."

It's sort of sadder, though, that having name power like Morgan Freeman isn't enough to get this in a theater. A few short years ago Jane Fonda could star in a film like 'Georgia Rule' and it would still hit theaters. This look genial, but the sort of film that can't compete in any time of the year with all the franchise films. Is that a tragedy? Perhaps.