The most recent poster for Darren Aronofsky’s mysterious horror movie mother! appeared online last week looking like a kind of inkblot test. And you know how inkblots work; different people see different stuff in them. Someone on Reddit saw something very cool hidden in this poster. When you futz with the color, you see hidden messages.

That gives you the URL for the website If you go there, you’ll find a cool kaleidoscope image you can spin and play with. Align the title and then click on the center and the image cracks and falls away, revealing a new clip from the film. In it, Michelle Pfeiffer’s character talks to Jennifer Lawrence about wanting kids. “Why don’t you want kids?” she asks JLaw before realizing that she does want kids. Cut to a spooky montage.

You can also see an abridged version of that secret clip in this compilation of sequential ads from the VMAs:

Of course, the other recent mother! poster had some clues in it as well, at least in a general sense regarding the film’s content:

The homage is overt enough to make you at least ponder the possibility that Aronofsky pulled a The Woods/Blair Witch thing, where he secretly made a remake or reboot of an iconic horror movie without anyone knowing, only to reveal it at the last minute. I sincerely doubt that’s what this is, but I was driving home a few days ago, and saw this giant Rosemary’s Baby-looking billboard looming over the highway and did a double take. Jennifer Lawrence, if Javier Bardem gives you a weird drink and tells you it’s got vitamins in it, do not drink it! mother! opens on September 15.

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