After a season’s worth of buildup and fake-outs, Mr. Robot capped off its Emmy win with another mind-boggling finale’s worth of light answers and more questions. Perhaps most surprising of all was the “post-credits” scene that saw not one, but three unexpected returns, while creator Sam Esmail lays out both Star Wars and Donald Trump influences on Season 3.

You’re warned of full Mr. Robot Season 2 spoilers from here on out, but last night’s “Python” finale served largely to answer some of the big questions, including Tyrell Wellick’s confirmed existence and the “Phase 2" plan to blow up Evil Corp’s analog data records. We didn’t find out much of anything between Angela and Whiterose, or Darlene’s final fate in FBI custody, but the closing credits at least answered what became of Trenton and Mobley, as well set the stage for a major Season 3 arc:

The finale itself carried through creator Sam Esmail’s self-admitted Empire Strikes Back approach of keeping certain characters off on their own adventures, while Esmail suggested to The Hollywood Reporter that Season 3 would naturally draw a bit on Return of the Jedi:

I’m going to keep going with this Star Wars thing. Maybe it’s subconscious; I don’t know. I’ve looked back on the second season and I’ve seen a lot of similarities with The Empire Strikes Back, in terms of Luke/Elliot going away and isolating themselves, while their sister is out there and battling the evil empire. I think this is the return of Elliot. Season three, and the way I’ve been thinking about it, is sort of the return to Elliot — but not the naive Elliot we saw at the beginning of the season. It’s the Elliot we’ve seen go through this horrific experience from the first and second seasons, and with all of that in mind, that’s going to make this new Elliot come into fruition in the next season.

Esmail will once again direct all episodes, while a separate interview with Deadline previewed a Donald Trump-style rise in violence and chaos as the Five/Nine hack worsens:

The sentiment and the outrage and the support of Donald Trump; the groundswell by which he rose to become the Republican nominee, that sort of atmosphere is going to be used in the Mr. Robot universe and amplified by this great economic collapse which is happening like a slow car accident. What you’re seeing is the events that stoked those (Trump-like) sentiments … There will be a lot of overlap, the increased terrorism and domestic violence that has gone on, a lot of that will play into the Mr. Robot universe.

There’s plenty more to discuss on the long road to Season 3, but did Mr. Robot stick the landing with last night’s finale? Will next year bring more answers, or again spend the majority of its runtime on illusions and bizarre tangents? WHO WILL SAVE MOBLEY AND TRENTON, GUYS?