We don’t know when exactly this summer USA’s breakout hit Mr. Robot will see Rami Malek and Christian Slater squaring off again for Season 2, but the wait for a first look is already over. Our first photo from the new season has arrived, along with additional castings that tease new details of the season breakdown.

Entertainment Weekly revealed the first official Season 2 photo of Elliot and his not-quite-there father playing chess, noting it a sign that the fsociety hacker has somewhat embraced the delusion that formed a climax of Season 1. Creator Sam Esmail too spoke to the evolving dynamic helping to form Season 2:

Now that Elliot is aware [of the truth about Mr. Robot], that has opened the door. We’re literally externalizing Elliot’s mentality and his inner conflict, Mr. Robot being the other half of Elliot. In the first season, because Elliot wasn’t aware, there was a mystery about who Mr. Robot was and what his real motivations were. Now we know, so what does that mean? What does Elliot really want?

Additionally, Deadline confirms that Season 2 has added four new guest stars, including Fear The Walking Dead alum Sandrine Holt, Michael Maize, Dorothi Fox and Luke Robertson. Holt will play Susan Jacobs of Evil Corp General Counsel, while Maize acts as Lone Star, off-balanced associate of Ray (Craig Robinson), along with Fox as Romero’s mother Nell, and Robertson as RT, a former employee of Ray known for his IT skills.

Other Season 2 additions include Aasif Mandvi, Craig Robinson, Grace Gummer as Dominique (Dom) DiPierro, a young FBI field agent investigating the Evil Corp Hack, Chris Conroy as Derek, the new man in Joanna’s life, and rapper Joey Bada$$ as Leon, a new close friend of Elliot’s.

Additionally, both Michael Cristofer and Stephanie Corneliussen have joined the cast full time, the former in his role as Evil Corp CEO Phillip Price, and the latter as Tyrell Wellick’s increasingly-frightful spouse Joanna. Ben Rappaport and Tom Riis Farrell will also return as Ollie and Bill.

More details will likely emerge in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for the latest on Mr. Robot Season 2.

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