It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to get things started on a sequel to ‘The Muppets’ … which Walt Disney Pictures confirmed with some title art that was revealed at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas.

Rumors of a ‘Muppets’ sequel swirled ever since last November’s family hit soared to a $158 million worldwide gross. Jason Segel, who helped reboot Jim Henson’s beloved characters, revealed that he wouldn’t be returning for a second ‘Muppets’ adventure, but that doesn’t mean Disney’s ready to pull the plug. Instead, using the artwork above, Disney revealed tentative plans to produce a sequel with director James Bobin and screenwriter Nicholas Stoller at the helm.

ComingSoon has a few additional details from Stoller, primarily if Segel’s absence caused a creative rift.

“We kind of felt like we completed Gary's story in the first one … and [Segel’s] mostly interested in writing stuff for him to be in, which makes sense, right? He didn't want to go on and write the next one. I was like, 'Do you care if I do it with James?' He's like, 'Of course not.'”

I believe those are Walter’s finger making the “two” in the title, so it’s possible that the sequel will continue the story of the Muppet brother who recently joined Kermit, Miss Piggy and the crew for a life on the stage.

We don’t know when a ‘Muppets’ sequel can be in theaters, but since the screenwriting process just began, I doubt you’ll see it any time before Summer 2014.