Myst was definitely a thing that human people played once upon a time, right? There was an island, or something, and a lot of clicking involved. Well, now it’s going to be a TV series for Hulu, brought to you by the minds behind The Amazing Spider-Man and Divergent. Congratulations, all eight people interested in this!

According to Deadline, Hulu has partnered with Legendary Television for a script-to-series commitment for the video game adaptation, with Amazing Spider-Man alum Matt Tolman producing, and Divergent writer Evan Daugherty penning the script. The new take on the series will explore the origins of the game’s Myst island, on which a man wakes up with absolutely no idea of his identity, location, or the circumstances that brought him there.

Originally released for PC in the year 1993, the first-person Myst took players on a journey through an interactive world through the eyes of a “Stranger.” Spawning several sequels and a franchise, Myst quickly became one of the more popular ‘90s-era games, prior to being dethroned by The Sims in 2002.

Hulu has certainly been in a scramble for some attention-getting acquisitions of late, so enjoy your Myst TV series, everybody! It definitely won’t skew like LOST, not even a little.

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