In Planetarium Natalie Portman goes from talking to the dead to acting in French films.

From Rebecca Zlotowski (Grand Central,) the film follows two American sisters, Portman’s Laura and Lily-Rose Depp’s Kate, who travel to Paris in the 1930s to perform as psychic mediums. Eventually Laura gets involved with a French film producer (Emmanuel Salinger) and the two get swept up into some trouble.

Based on the first French trailer for the film, I’ll admit I had no idea this movie had anything to do with ghosts or the supernatural. (Non-French speakers be warned.) There is a fair amount of English dialogue in the trailer though, and Zlotowski’s gorgeous shots and sceneries were enough to pique my interest. Here’s the film’s full synopsis, via the Toronto Film Festival:

The setting is Paris in the 1930s, where two sisters, American spiritualists Laura (Portman, who also appears at this year’s Festival in Jackie) and Kate Barlow (Depp), are winding up a world tour. Seemingly adept at communicating with the dead, the women are somewhat less experienced with the business of the living. Nevertheless, their astonishing exhibit of apparently supernatural powers piques the interest of powerful French film producer André Korben (Emmanuel Salinger), who retains their strange talents for his wildly ambitious new film project. Laura and Kate are soon swept up in a scheme that, fusing art and the occult, portends a dark shadow soon to be cast over all of Europe.

Portman may be done playing Jane Foster in the Thor movies, but she’s certainly filling her time with some interesting projects. She portrays Jackie Kennedy in Pablo Larrain’s upcoming Jackie and also stars in Xavier Dolan‘s upcoming English-language debut, Alex Garland‘s sci-fi drama Annihilation, and (maybe) will appear in Terrence Malick‘s Weightless.

Planetarium premieres at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals next month. The film has yet to get a U.S. release date.

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