Things have been curiously quiet on the front for NBC's second season of 'Hannibal' -- which is currently slated for a likely 2014 launch -- apart from a few minor castings. At the very least, we know now that season 2 won't be afraid to reheat a few leftovers, as comedian Eddie Izzard will return to reprise his role as the villainous Dr. Abel Gideon.

Having appeared in only two episodes of the inaugural season of Bryan Fuller's darkly delicious drama, Izzard told Digital Spy of season 2 that ""I will be back. Everyone's given me great feedback on Hannibal and I've only done two episodes - I really let go in that one!" The sinister doctor was last seen being shot by Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), his fate thereafter left somewhat ambiguous.

Elsewhere, series creator Bryan Fuller recently tweeted out a photo confirming Raul Esparza’s return to ‘Hannibal’ season 2 as Dr. Frederick Chilton, while 'X-Files' vet Gillian Anderson will reprise her role as Hannibal's own therapist, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. Along with confirmed season 2 roles for ‘Sex and the City’ vet Cynthia Nixon and ‘Homeland‘ player Martin Donovan, we know Fuller previously expressed a desire to cast ‘Pushing Daisies’ alumni Lee Pace, Kristin Chenoweth, Anna Friel and Chi McBride, along with music icon David Bowie as Hannibal’s uncle.

What say you? Which of the 'Hannibal' season 1 stars would you most want to see return in season 2 come 2014?