While the initial prospect seemed somewhat daunting, and perhaps even too fantastic to be taken seriously, we have to admit that we were curious to see what Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer would make of 'The Munsters' by adapting it for NBC as 'Mockingbird Lane.'  A little while ago we heard that the project was most likely dead in the water, but given the money NBC has already sunk in, is there any chance we'll see 'Mockingbird Lane' on the small screen after all?

Both good, and bad news today for those curious to see Bryan Fuller's 'Munsters' reboot 'Mockingbird Lane,' as the series may see a bit of life after all.  The project seems largely to have been scrapped by NBC, and especially by Bryan Fuller (who has since moved on to manage NBC's 'Hannibal'), though the Peacock's $10 million investment won't go entirely to waste.

Despite its starry cast of Eddie Izzard, Portia De Rossi and Jerry O'Connell, the pilot reportedly hit difficulties when Fuller and NBC disagreed on the tone of the series, whether to portray the Munsters as fish out of water in the real world, or in keeping with a Fuller-stylized world akin to 'Pushing Daisies.'  According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC might opt to air the pilot as a Halloween special either this year or next, potentially even adding footage to market the series internationally as a TV movie.

"It's a fluid situation, but none of the options is ideal, especially considering the promise that this thing had," says one source involved with the series.

What say you?  Are you disappointed 'Mockingbird Lane' won't make it to series?  Do you want to see the pilot and judge for yourself?