Well, no major surprise here either. Just hours after NBC picked up a number of series and officially discarded both '1600 Penn' and 'Whitney,' the peacock has added to the cancellations 'Up All Night' and 'Guys With Kids.' 'Up All Night' especially had been through a heap of trouble with showrunner changes, revamps and Christina Applegate's departure, but will that be all of NBC's major shakeups today?

At this point it almost feels like NBC is purposefully holding the axe above 'Community' to make us guess, but two more have been added to the peacock's cancellations. Notoriously troubled 'Up All Night' and three-camera flop 'Guys With Kids' have officially been let go from the schedule in advance of NBC's upfront presentation.

No real surprise on the count of 'Up All Night,' considering NBC's disastrous attempt to retool the series that saw 'Anchorman's Christina Applegate walk off the series, while the Jimmy Fallon-produced 'Guys with Kids' was seen as an incentive for Fallon to strengthen his relationship with the network. 'Guys with Kids' joins 'Whitney' as NBC's most recent three-camera experiment to bite the dust.

We'll keep you posted on the latest, but will you miss either 'Guys with Kids' or 'Up All Night?' What would you prefer NBC cancel next?