So far we don’t know much about Neighbors 2 — the title is rumored to be Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and will reportedly focus on Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne’s married couple dealing with a new, obnoxious sorority that moves in next door, essentially gender-swapping the conflict from the first film. Chloe Moretz was the first newcomer to sign on, and now she has company, with former Disney darling and Spring Breakers star Selena Gomez joining the cast.

Variety reports that Gomez has signed on to co-star in Neighbors 2 as evidenced by fan photos from the set of the sequel. If the rumored plot and title are correct, then Gomez would be one of the sorority sisters alongside Moretz, showing off some very clever casting — Moretz has proven adept with playing edgier and sometimes catty characters, while Gomez was pretty game for the rowdy college antics of Spring Breakers.

Rogen, Byrne, Zac Efron and Dave Franco are returning for the sequel, which is once again being directed by Nicholas Stoller from a screenplay by Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. No other returning cast members have been announced just yet, but we’ll hopefully know a bit more about the film’s plot and its new (sorority) casting soon.

Neighbors 2 is set for a May 20, 2016 release date.

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