New on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, it's nothing but comedy -- from the wild party of 'Project X' to the back-to-the-wild struggles of 'Wanderlust,' plus the everyday epics 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home' and the second season of 'Louie.'

  • 'Wanderlust'


    Starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston as two would-be social climbers who lose their jobs, their New York apartment and, bluntly, their minds a little, 'Wanderlust' sees a couple join up with a commune that offers them freedom and freakiness in equal measure. From David Wain and Ken Marino -- who also created the hilarious 'Role Models' -- 'Wanderlust' may not be as consistently funny as that film, but it still gives Rudd and Aniston a great chance to flex their comedy chops. Plus the supporting cast, including Justin Theroux, Kathryn Hahn and Alan Alda, is completely committed for a comedy that's smarter, sexier and sillier than most of its big-screen peers.

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  • 'Project X'


    With mom and dad out of town, a raucous party must be had.. Playing like 'Superbad' but with shaky-cam production values, 'Project X' applies the mockumentary found-footage shooting style to the teen comedy. The film's more of an experience than a story -- your amusement for, and patience with, seeing teens act like jerks will both be tested to the utmost. The home version of the film features an "Extended Cut" and three making-of featurettes, but watching 'Project X' will likely have you asking why you aren't simply having a house-destroying party of your own.

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  • 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home'


    After the John C. Reilly/Jonah Hill conflict-comedy 'Cyrus,' writer/directors Jay and Mark Duplass created 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home,' a weed-smoke-wreathed Zen journey through coincidence as Jeff (Jason Segel) gets asked to fix one broken kitchen door slat by his mom (Susan Sarandon). But he finds that his quest for wood glue opens up more questions than one would think as Jeff's big heart and slightly addled brain both get more than he bargained for. The cast includes Ed Helms ('The Office') as well as a few surprises, but it's the heart and soul of 'Jeff,' both the movie and the character, that will have you watching riveted yet laughing.

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  • 'Louie' Season 2


    Yes, 'Louie' looks like a half-hour TV show, but we'd put to you that you could stitch any five episodes together into one of the best American independent movies of the year. Detailing (with squirm-inducing precision) the failings and flaws of stand-up comedian Louis C.K. (playing himself while also directing, often editing and juggling all too many creative tasks) in his life in New York, this box set brings the brilliance of C.K.'s FX show home. For anyone tired of laugh-tracks, phony love-triangles or broke girls who aren't, 'Louie' has the kind of comedic and emotional authenticity that's so honest it hurts.