Excited as we were to see the first official teaser for 'Fringe' season 5 earlier this week (ignoring the cobbled-together footage from Comic--Con 2012), it admittedly felt a little thin.  Sure, great to catch up on the back-story of the Observers, but really?  Observers walking against a black background?  Hardly a generous tease.  Thankfully, the latest look at 'Fringe' season 5 earns back all its goodwill, ripe with new footage, and plenty of tantalizing hints for you to observe...

'Fringe' fans, get ready to observe.  Our best look yet at 'Fringe' season 5 has arrived, and it will ruin your picnic like nobody's business.  The Observers are coming, and thanks to the latest teaser we're privy to the first moments of the invasion, which ruin an otherwise wonderful day between Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham and their young daughter Henrietta "Etta" Bishop.

We'd previously seen a few set photos of the invasion in question, obviously taking place a few years in the future since season 4 finale "Brave New World, Part 2," but now the latest teaser shows us the invasion in action!  Alongside footage  of the first Observer movements, we see flashes of the Fringe team alive and well in 2036, working to craft a strategy against their balded, well-dressed overlords.

Will the Fringe team succeed in taking back the planet from the Observers, or are our bald frenemies forever going to dominate our destiny?  Watch the teaser below, and tell us your theories on 'Fringe' season 5 in the comments below!

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