'New Girl's second season may well be remembered for the first kiss between lead charactes Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel), but it would be better described as the season of the parents. Not only has 'New Girl' season 2 featured such famous faces as Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis as Jess' parents, and recently 'Luck's Dennis Farina as Nick's dad, but its latest acquisition is that of 'Justified' Emmy-winner and 'The Americans' star Margo Martindale as Nick's mom! Find out what takes the gang to Chicago to meet Nick's family inside!

For a deadbeat such as 'New Girl's Nick Miller, the eternally dour bartender has some awfully famous parents. After recently featuring Dennis Farina as Nick's con man father, the series will revisit Nick's family in an upcoming episode featuring 'Justified' Emmy-winner Margo Martindale as the man's "hard-nosed, emotional" mother.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the March episode will see the loft gang visiting Nick's family in Chicago, only to discover that human train-wreck Nick is actually the most responsible and mature of the bunch. Martindale's character won't easily taking a liking to Jess, suspicious of her son's relationship to his female roommate, but it remains to be seen what terms Nick and Jess will find themselves in by March.

Martindale has appeared in a number of series over the years, including 'Jusitified' and 'Dexter,' and will maintain a recurring role in coming episodes of FX's buzz-worthy drama 'The Americans.'

Well, what say you? Are you excited to see Margo Martindale join the 'New Girl' extended family as Nick's mom? What did you think of the big kiss in recent weeks? Let us know what you think of 'New Girl' season 2 in the comments section!

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