Forget “who’s that girl,” you’ll want to know who that girl’s parents are!  ‘New Girl’ season 2 has been on quite a casting streak of late, earlier today picking up both ‘Political Animals’ star Carla Gugino’ and ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall player Maria Thayer for key roles, but none more key than Jess' parents!  The second season of FOX's adorkable comedy has just secured Hollywood legends Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner for the roles, but when will they make their star-studded debut?

We're starting to understand how 'New Girl's Jess turned out so quirky, having such famous parents.  TVLine reports that the hit FOX sitcom's second season will call upon Hollywood icons Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner to play Jess' parents, Joan and Bob.  The pair will appear in the season's Thanksgiving episode, in which Jess attempts to re-unite them with a bit of 'Parent Trap'-style mischief.

As the article points out, 'New Girl's Thanksgiving episode won't see Curtis and Reiner as the only family in town, as comedic actor Rob Riggle will drop by as Schmidt's competitive cousin, also going by Schmidt.  Could other 'New Girl' relatives be far behind?

Both Curtis and Reiner join a star-studded season that includes Carla Gugino, Maria Thayer, Rob Riggle, ‘Justified’s Raymond Barry, ‘Traffic Light’ star Nelson Franklin as Cece’s new boyfriend, ‘The Book of Mormon’ star Josh Gad, ‘Bent’ star David Walton as a bad-boy sex interest for Jess, and former ‘Reno 911!’ star Niecy Nash as a street hooker after Jess’ purse.  Rachel Harris will also reprise her role as the principal of Jess’ school, though judging by the premiere, she won’t have very good news.

What say you?  Are you excited for the second season of ‘New Girl,’ particularly now that such high-profile stars as Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner will play Jess' folks?  Will her schemes to get them back together work?  Give us your take in the comments below!

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