June 9 is gonna be a big day in 2017: not just this writer’s birthday, not just the funniest numerical date of the year (6/9 — nice), not just the release of well-pedigreed indies Beatriz at Dinner and It Comes at Night. The day will undoubtedly be dominated by the grand debut of Universal’s remake of The Mummy starring box-office king of summer Tom Cruise and breakout star Sofia Boutella. We’ve seen the trailer, we’ve read the scoop that Cruise’s mummy-fighting hero will also himself be a walking-dead type, and we’ve pondered the larger implications of Universal going all-in on a connected universe of monster movies. And today, a pair of new tidbits with slake our thirst for new Mummy details.

As Entertainment Weekly readies their big Summer Movie Preview, they’ve been revealing exclusive images from a host of eagerly anticipated films, including the upcoming Alex Kurtzman-directed film. Here’s the latest still, in which Cruise and Boutella have an intense staring contest in what appears to be a containment facility of some sort. Things aren’t looking so hot for Boutella’s ancient Egyptian princess:

Today brings a new trailer, or rather, a new-ish trailer. The international trailer surfaced online, and it’s identical to the pre-existing preview aside from a bit at the opening in which Cruise and his travel companion (played by Jurassic World featured player Jake Johnson) banter a bit while preparing to uncover the mummy’s tomb.

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” he asks. Easy for him to say, he’s Tom Cruise. He’s the headlining name on the franchise. He knows that even if he dies, he’s not out of the movie.

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