Can Michael Bay make a comedy? Let's rephrase that: can he make an intentional comedy? That's the big question surrounding 'Pain and Gain,' the based-on-a-true-story bodybuilding crime movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson. Although we don't know if Bay is built for this kind of film, everything we've seen from this thing has looked incredibly slick. The newest TV spot is no exception.

Posted by Bay himself over at his blog, the newest TV spot wears its Coen brothers inspiration on its sleeve, showing off all kinds of absurd imagery while insisting (in massive letters, no less) that this is based on a true story. Think the opening titles of 'Fargo,' but much, much louder. And like 'Fargo,' that statement may be a bit of a lie. While 'Pain and Gain' is ostensibly based on an infamous crime story, the trailer seems to take some pretty massive liberties with the truth.

Anyway, here's the new spot. What do you think?