It has just been announced that NHL 14 will honor its video game forefathers by including a special NHL 94 Anniversary Mode. What does this mean for fans of the franchise? A return to the roods of what made the NHL games so great.

The hotly anticipated new addition to the NHL series is paying homage to one of the amazing hockey games that came before it. It has been 20 years since we all had a chance to enjoy the fast paced, bone crunching gameplay of NHL 94. It was a classic game that still holds up well today. In honor of NHL 94, you'll be able to tweak this new game into feeling just like it did in the 90's. NHL 94 Anniversary Mode features:

  • A retro soundtrack
  • Simplified controls
  • Classic star icons around players
  • And NO RULES!

Yep, you read that right. There's no icing, offsides, or penalties. It means you can get back to a more classic style of video game hockey where you can bash your way to the net and punch out the goalie before burning a puck straight through the net and embedding it into the boards. The best part is that you'll still get to enjoy all the fantastic graphics from the NHL 14 engine. Who said going retro had to look 16-bit?

For more info and gameplay footage of NHL 14 and the NHL 94 Anniversary Mode, check out the video below.