Whether you've got that special someone or see nothing wrong with the single life, one fact remains certain: someone has tried to get you to cry with them at a Nicholas Sparks movie. Whether 'The Notebook,' 'The Lucky One,' 'Dear John' or 'The Last Song,' you've inevitably seen that same poster of a couple holding one another with a  sunlit backdrop. Now you needn't leave your home! Nicholas Sparks, author and architect behind every tear has made a deal to bring not one, but three new dramas to TV, but based on which of his books?

We hope you've got tissues handy, and not in the fun sense. We've just learned from The Hollywood Reporter that author, producer and tear connoisseur Nicholas Sparks has closed a deal with three cable networks to develop serial dramas, including TNT, ABC Family and, of course, Lifetime. Sources say that the author will develop 'A Bend in the Road' for TNT, 'The Falls' for ABC's family network, and 'Deliverance Creek' for Lifetime.

TNT's 'A Bend in the Road' derives from the author's novel of the same name, following a coastal Georgia town sheriff who sees the population soar during the summer tourist season, and forms a relationship with his son's second grade teacher. ABC Family's 'The Falls' will re-interpret 'Romeo and Juliet' in a modern context, while Lifetime's 'Deliverance Creek' follows a narrative in post-Civil War times of "the lengths one woman goes to protect her family, as she is caught between trying to be good and surviving."

So... yeah. Prepare yourselves, boyfriends of the world. Bemoan your Nicholas Sparks-crafted doom in the comments!