It's such a famous scene that if we simply say "Sharon Stone's 'Basic Instinct' moment," you know exactly which revealing shot I'm referencing. And apparently Nicole Kidman will attempt to top it – if possible – in Lee Daniels' upcoming drama 'The Paperboy.' Want to see for yourself?

Daniels is bringing 'The Paperboy,' his follow-up to his Oscar-winning 'Precious,' to the Cannes Film Festival this week. It stars Matthew McConaughey as a reporter following up on a story about a death-row inmate (John Cusack) who might be innocent of his crimes. Daniels also cast Zac Efron as McConaughey's younger brother and Kidman as an imbalanced woman who brings the legal case to the reporter's attention.

That's not all she calls attention to. In a scene insiders are referring to as Kidman's 'Basic Instinct' moment, the Oscar winner apparently flashes an unsuspecting viewer, and it's captured in the first official still shot from the legal drama (via

This is the tip of the iceberg, according to Daniels, who hints at a torrid affair between 44-year-old Kidman and 24-yeal-old Efron (on screen, not in real life), and several scenes of what he calls his crew "getting down.”

Find out exactly what that means when 'The Paperboy' reaches theaters later this year, likely in November or December so it can be considered for Oscar contention.