The trailer for Warner Bros.’ Night of the Animated Dead is here, and it’s full of blood and gore. The upcoming animated film is a reimagining of George A. Romero’s zombie classic Night of the Living DeadDirected by Jason Axinn (To Your Last Death) and written by John A. Russo, the movie features the voice talents of Josh Duhamel as Harry Cooper, Dulé Hill as Ben, and Katharine Isabelle as Barbara.

Check out the preview clip below, which has plenty of cartoon violence to go around:

In the beginning of the preview, we see Barbara and Johnny (Jimmi Simpson) visiting their father’s grave in rural Pennsylvania. That's when the first zombie attacks, forcing Barbara to leave her brother for dead — or rather, for the undead. She finds herself in a remote farmhouse with a group of strangers, all of whom are fighting off the encroaching zombies while confronting their own fears head-on.

Many horror fans have been anxiously waiting to see what the animated style for Night of the Animated Dead would look like. From the looks of the trailer, the creative team has opted for a 2D style reminiscent of Archer or Bojack Horseman. It's kind of hard to tell which demographic this movie is targeted towards. It seems like it should be directed towards younger audience members who can't handle the live-action original. However, cartoon blood is still blood, and the movie’s R-rating means that this is likely one for the adults.

Night of the Animated Dead will follow the same story structure as Romero’s original, with a few new scenes sprinkled in. Since Night of the Living Dead is officially in the public domain due to a copyright anomaly, the team behind Night of the Animated Dead can take as many creative liberties with the source material as they like.

Night of the Animated Dead arrives digitally on September 21 and on Blu-ray and DVD October 5.

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