Though fans of The CW spy thriller 'Nikita' were dismayed to learn that the network ultimately decided to bring the series to a close, hope was again raised that 'Nikita' would be granted an additional six hours to wrap up its story. Rumors flew at Comic-Con 2013 that the six remaining episodes would take the form of three feature-length movies, though now CW president Mark Pedowitz has stepped up to clarify the format of the final season.

According to Pedowitz's words from the ongoing Television Critics Association press tour, "The game plan for 'Nikita' is not for three ‘two-hour movies.’ It is individual episodes.” To the rumor's credit, however, Pedowitz lightly clarified what series star Maggie Q had originally claimed by saying, “We may end up doing a two-hour finale after we wrap the first four episodes.”

As for when the episodes will ultimately air, Pedowitz didn't have an exact date to offer, but did narrow the field in saying that the network aims for a mid-to-late November release, running into December, so as to "continue original programming in the fourth quarter and to give it the appropriate sendoff.”

Well, what say you, 'Nikita' fans? Will six episodes be enough to wrap up the 'Nikita' storyline, even if some of the episodes are tied together as two-hour stories? How would you like to see the spy thriller come to a close?