'Law & Order: SVU' has featured cameos from countless big names and character actors alike, some of whom have been reused multiple times. Thanks to a recent 'SVU' marathon on the USA network this weekend, we got to remember some of those random stars that have shown their faces on the cop drama. However, we were not expecting to see 'Falling Skies' lead Noah Wyle.

The credit on the particular cameo in question says Chad Donella ('Saw VII,' 'Final Destination'), but that facial scruff is too similar to Wyle's. Some of the other celebs that we saw during the marathon were Kathy Griffin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Martin Short, Jeremy Irons and Stephen Collins, so it wouldn't surprise us to see someone like Wyles on the guest appearance list. Still, we suppose we have to take NBC on their word when they say it's actually Donella in the role of sexual assailant.