The Skies will Fall for good in Season 5, now that TNT’s Spielberg-produced alien actioner will finally bring the battle for Earth to a close. We’ve seen one spooky teaser, but it’s all-out war as Tom Mason and the 2nd Mass. bring overkill against the Skitters in Falling Skies Season 5's first official footage.

“This is the time for overkill,” intones Tom (Noah Wyle) in the bleak first footage of TNT’s fifth and final season. “To fire both barrels, to use everything we’ve got!” Finally, holding up the gruesome remnants of a Skitter’s severed head, Tom cheers “find your warrior.”

Falling Skies Season 5 Trailer Warriors

We don’t know a whole lot about the fifth and final season of TNT’s Falling Skies just yet, other than its June 28 premiere, but Season 5 will no doubt pick up with Earth’s survivors on the Espheni offensive, having destroyed the invading aliens’ moon-based power core in the prior season finale. Yes, we were able to type that with a straight face. Watch it for yourself already, and find out why!

You can check out the first full look at Falling Skies Season 5 above, before the end of the war begins on June 28.

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