Sad though we were to learn that TNT’s Falling Skies would make Season 5 its last, the Spielberg-produced alien actioner appears to be going out with a major bang. The final invasion will begin this coming June, as confirmed by a menacing new TNT trailer for Falling Skies Season 5!

TNT officially announced the fifth and final Falling Skies season to bow on Sunday, June 28, while today saw the release of a first teaser-trailer. In it, Noah Wyle’s Tom Mason awakens amid a sea of rubble, flashing back to a cryptic visual of being inside an exploding house, before making his way over to the water, all the while narrating overhead:

A man walks through his life. He stumbles, and he falls. At times, he thinks he cannot get up, but he does. Over, and over, until one day, when the man cannot hold up the sky falling all around him anymore. Then, he reaches his journey’s end. But there is one last fight, and nothing will be as it was.

Not bad! Certainly a Breaking Bad, “Ozymandias” vibe to it, but will Falling Skies Season 5 be the show’s magnum opus? Check out the teaser above, and start counting down to the June 28 premiere!

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