As the first official Xbox One launch title, it makes sense Forza Motorsport 5 would be the game to reveal what the new branding and design would look like on Microsoft's next generation game cases.

The Forza Twitter unveiled the design, which gave us our first look at what to expect from other Xbox One games at retail. While not tremendously flashy, the simple green bar identifying Forza 5 as an Xbox One title is certainly stylish. The plain grey spine isn't exactly anything to write home about either, but it gets the job done well enough we suppose.

It looks like the green cases are sticking around too, which always helped Microsoft's games stand out in your library. It's not really clear whether or not the cases will still be the same size, or if Microsoft will be opting for smaller cases (ala the PlayStation 3). Then again, Microsoft may not want to come down to Sony's level, so to speak.

Check out the full box art below, and give us your thoughts on the case. Too simple? Too boring? Or do you think it's just right?