At the risk of editorializing: Bong Joon-ho rules. The South Korean filmmaker has made a name for himself as a master of off-kilter takes on well-worn genres, most recently transforming the post-apocalyptic action flick into an intricately designed work of Communist agitprop with Snowpiercer. He took on the cop procedural with Memories of Murder, but his most beloved work may be the 2006 creature-feature The Host, in which a shaggy river monster terrorizes the citizens of Seoul. His newest feature will see him returning to the grandly ignoble tradition of movies about supernatural beasties, and with the first trailer having recently surfaced online, we’ve gotten a fleeting look at this lovable freak of nature.

Though we only get to see a single soft, gentle eyeball, this organism known as ‘Okja’ is right at the heart of the trailer; we meet a blonde-wigged Tilda Swinton, playing the scientist and industrialist apparently responsible for the creature’s creation, as well as its best friend and defender, portrayed by Korean star Seohyun An. That still leaves a whole lot unseen, however. Where’s Jake Gyllenhaal, prancing about in short-shorts? Where’s Giancarlo Esposito, or Lily Collins, or Paul Dano? As enticing and enigmatic as this trailer is, the people demand more. Specifically, Jake Gyllenhaal dancing.

But this does look promising, as any well-financed Bong project would. Smart money says that Netflix will make its first-ever appearance on the Croisette with a Cannes premiere come May, seeing as Bong’s The Host and Memories of Murder both screened at the festival. The film premieres on Netflix on June 28.

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