While it may have been a golf clap-worthy bit of typecasting, we're excited to see another 'LOST' alum join ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' season 2, this time when the dude-ly Jorge Garcia appears as -- you guessed it -- a giant. Certainly a number of ways to bring Garcia's larger-than-life character to the small screen, but our first look at the actor in costume gives, well, a less than relatable perspective. Just how big will Garcia's giant be, and what will his appearance add to 'Once Upon A Time' season 2?

If you thought Jorge Garcia was big before, wait until you see 'Once Upon A Time'! TVGuide managed to snag the first look at the former 'LOST' star in costume as the fabled giant (no Jack or beanstalks this time around though), who will first appear in the November 4 episode. The episode will see Emma and Captain James Hook go on a mission to find something in the Giant's lair, incurring the colossus' wrath.

Describing his character as an angry, dangerous fellow about six-times the size of a normal human, Garcia described the outfit as his favorite part of the appearance. The star describes it as "the coolest, most extravagant costume I've ever worn. There's definitely an Eastern influence to it, with a corset-style belt and a lot of bangle things that jingled when I walked."

You can check out Garcia in costume as the giant below, and tell us what you think of the new season of 'Once Upon A Time' in the comments!

Once Upon A Time Season 2 Jorge Garcia Giant

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