The fourth and penultimate season of Orphan Black finally swung back to explain how Tatiana Maslany’s Beth Childs ended up on that train platform in the pilot, but how different might the series have been if Sarah had Beth to guide her? Ahead of the final season, a new IDW Deviations comic will explore exactly that.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, IDW has partnered with Boat Rocker Media for the new Orphan Black: Deviations series, which explores the alternate timeline that would result from Sarah saving her clone doppelganger from committing suicide. As fans of the genetic mindbender series well-know, Beth’s suicide in the pilot is what drove the entire series, setting Sarah Manning down the path that the series will wrap up in Season 5 next year.

The series will be written by Heli Kennedy and illustrated with art by Wayne Nichols, with an eye to release the 40-page first issue in March 2017. Additionally, the Orphan Black series will differ from other Deviations series by keeping subsequent issues in the same “What if?” continuity of Beth’s survival.

Back in the real Orphan Black, the fifth and final season has confirmed that Evelyne Brochu, Calwyn Shurgold and James Frain will return as Delphine, Hell Wizard and Ferdinand. Season 5 has also added Watchmen star Stephen McHattie in the critical role of Neolution’s 170-year old founder, P.T. Westmoreland, along with Elyse Levesque as Detective Engers, a dirty Neolution cop who is a true believer; Andrew Moodie as Mr. Frontenac, Rachel’s new mysterious consultant; Simu Liu as Mr. Mitchell, Kira’s new homeroom teacher, and Jenessa Grant as Mud, an eclectic young islander.

Orphan Black surely isn’t done with Beth’s legacy just yet, but will Deviations shed new light on the series’ convoluted mythology?

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