Thanks to his work on the highly-effective horror flick Oculus, director Mike Flanagan immediately lined up a handful of jobs — he co-wrote last year’s teen horror movie Ouija, directed the upcoming horror film Before I Wake, and has reportedly been attached to an adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game. Up next, Flanagan will once again enter the spooky world of Ouija, as he’s signed on to write and direct the upcoming sequel.

THR reports that Flanagan will write the script for Ouija 2, re-teaming with co-writer Jeff Howard. That’s not the only reunion the sequel has in store, as Oculus co-star Annalise Basso has joined the cast in one of the leading roles. Basso played the younger version of Karen Gillan’s character in Oculus, but this time she’ll have a bigger role as a lead in Ouija 2, in which she plays a young girl grieving over the loss of her father. Presumably, this leads her to the Ouija board, and things will get pretty scary from there.

Universal, Blumhouse, Platinum Dunes and Hasbro are once again teaming to release Ouija 2, which is slated to hit theaters on October 21, 2016.

Up next, Flanagan has Before I Wake, a horror thriller starring Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane. The film centers on a married couple who adopt an orphan, only to discover that his terrifying dreams and nightmares have a way of manifesting in the real world while the child sleeps. That film hits theaters on September 25.