Persistent rumors have suggested that Universal is no longer planning on delivering Pacific Rim 2, but that hasn’t stopped Guillermo del Toro from talking about his plans for the (possibly?) upcoming sequel. Although the film has been removed from the studio’s release calendar, del Toro is still trying to work things out, and he has at least one popular actor he’d like to cast.

Universal recently claimed that although Pacific Rim 2 has been removed from the schedule, they’re still committed to developing the film with del Toro. And it looks like he has one actor in mind to star alongside Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi — if and when the sequel does happen:

Yep, del Toro had lunch with the Arya Stark, and says he’d really like to cast her as a protagonist in Pacific Rim 2.

Rumors have been circulating that Pacific Rim 2 may have been delayed due to recent developments with Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla, with Kong moving over to Warner Bros. to set up a future Godzilla and Kong crossover. Pacific Rim remains at Universal for distribution, so it’s unclear exactly how or why this is causing a delay for del Toro.

Williams broke out big time with her role on HBO’s Game of Thrones as the young, feisty Arya Stark, and quickly became a fan favorite pick to star in the upcoming Last of Us movie, based on the popular video game. She’d be an excellent addition for Pacific Rim 2 — who doesn’t want to watch Arya Stark pilot a Jaeger and smash some Kaiju?