Flexing its way into theaters in a few weeks is Michael Bay's 'Pain and Gain,' an action-comedy about meatheads whose dreams are significantly bigger than their brains. A new poster for the film has appeared online accompanied by a slew of pics, and of course it's dominated by Dwayne Johnson's pecs. How could it not be?

Also featuring buffed up Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie, the poster also features one of Bay's favorite images: an American Flag. Naturally this is a story of an American Dream gone ridiculously awry, but Bay fits a flag in wherever and whenever he can. He might just love flags more than explosions and Victoria's Secret models. (Just kidding.)

Paramount also released a big batch of new images from the film, and you can ogle at them below the one-sheet. 'Pain and Gain' opens on April 26.


***Click on the images for the hi-res versions.