Pixar has released a clip from their latest 'Toy Story' short, 'Partysaurus Rex,' which is set to premiere with 'Finding Nemo' when that film is re-released in 3D next month. Let's get this party(saurus) started!

'Partysaurus Rex' features our toy friends living at Bonnie's house (from the end of 'Toy Story 3'), and she's decided to take Rex to the bathtub for a special adventure. Rex sees this as something of an opportunity to reinvent himself with a whole new group of friends who don't know how nervous and neurotic he is. Since all the bath toys are more aquatically engineered, they aren't able to really do anything until the tub fills with water, so Rex fills up the tub and throws in a bunch of bubbles and gets the party started.

The clip shows us that much of the story, but like the previous 'Toy Story' shorts, we imagine there's much more to this small tale than Rex dressed up like a club kid in a bathtub. Pixar seems to be smartly saving the real goods for next month, when the short premieres in front of the 3D re-release of 'Finding Nemo.'

Watch the new clip and head to the theater to see the full thing on September 14.