Original sci-fi stories are slowly becoming more popular in Hollywood. It’s an exciting prospect, as normally we’re all inundated with adaptations of superhero comics or popular books or remakes of older films that we already know the endings to. Movies like Interstellar and Oblivion are, arguably, a lot more exciting, allowing a director or a writer to create their own world from scratch, and keeping the audience in the dark as to how it all ends. Passengers is one of these, a sci-fi romance with a central mystery at its core that’s bound to keep viewers guessing until the end.

A new TV spot is here to remind us that the movie is still happening, and it’s a lot stranger than just two people falling in love in space. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt play two passengers on a spaceship bound for a new planet. It takes quite a while to get there, so to ensure that the crew stays alive for the whole journey, they’re all put in suspended animation, scheduled to wake up right as their vessel touches ground, seemingly as if no time had passed. But because of some glitch, Lawrence and Pratt wake up too early — way too early, and must come to terms with probably never seeing anything but the inside of the ship for the rest of their lives. However, it appears that the glitch might not have been a glitch at all, and the two were woken up by the ship for a reason.

The 30-second TV spot condenses the film into its main parts: we know that Lawrence and Pratt wake up, we know they fall in love, but we have to see the movie to find out why. Passengers opens in theaters December 21.

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