If you watched too much 80s TV, you're familiar with 'Bosom Buddies,' the short-lived ABC sitcom that is best known for launching the career of Tom Hanks...and also for it's classic opening credits. To pay homage to that classic opening, Paul Rudd and Adam Scott decided to recreate the entire thing, shot-for-shot, with a little help from some friends.

'The Greatest Event in Television History' is a series of Adult Swim specials where Adam Scott and some friends recreate the opening credits of classic TV shows. Previously Scott and Jon Hamm recreated 'Simon and Simon' and he and Amy Poehler worked on 'Hart to Hart', but this 'Bosom Buddies' episode tops them all.

Joining Rudd (who does an amazing Tom Hanks) and Scott are 'Community' star Gillian Jacobs and 'SNL' player Aidy Bryant. Above, we've cued the player directly to the opening credits, but if you scroll back, you can watch the "making of" portion that also features cameos by Billy Joel (trying to recreate the guy they got to sing his hit "My Life" for the theme) and Hanks himself.

If you weren't convinced just how slavish the new version is, you can watch the original below.