However much of the real People v. O.J. Simpson trial FX may have been fictionalized, the Emmys in hand can speak to their successful dramatization. Still, the implied chemistry between prosecuting attorneys Marcia Clark and Chris Darden got tongues wagging, to which the real Darden now admits the pair were “more than friends.”

Darden has played notably coy with scrutiny over his and Clark’s relationship during the O.J. Simpson trial’s heyday, particularly as Sterling K. Brown and Sarah Paulson’s (now Emmy-winning!) performances accentuated an almost-romantic connection. ET Online got Darden just a bit more candid with their past bond (the pair apparently haven’t spoken in years), as the lawyer hedged out a few choice quotes.

Specifically, Darden acknowledged “We were more than friends … We were inseparable back then,” but backed off questions of the attraction becoming physical. “I’m not a kisser. Kissing is intimate. Kissing is more intimate than sex.” He even offered the word “fire” as a one-word description of their dynamic, following up with “I don’t think fire’s romantic. I think fire’s passion.”

Of course, Darden had nothing but well-wishes for Clark, especially seeing her accompanying Sarah Paulson to the Emmys. Were he and Clark ever to actually reconnect (2016 could use a new love connection, guys), Darden expects they’d get on famously, and laugh about the trial.

In the meantime, we’re left sorting out our feelings as the fictional Marcia and O.J. share an American Horror Story bed, while Paulson is confirmed to return for a second Crime Story next year.

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