Thanks to Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage is finally getting the sort of attention he’s long-deserved. He’s also finally able to put his passion project into production: a comedy about a vulgar con-man who poses as a leprechaun, titled O’Lucky Day, which is drawing favorable comparisons to Bad Santa.

According to Deadline, Hairspray and Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman will direct Dinklage in O’Lucky Day, a dark comedy about a con-man who tells people that he’s a leprechaun. Presumably he’s meeting some pretty stupid people if they think a) he’s actually a leprechaun, and b) that you’re supposed to give leprechauns money and not the other way around. Given his great portrayal of the cunning and sharp-tongued Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, this seems like an excellent fit.

Shankman’s previous films haven’t been very impressive, from Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories to the more recent Rock of Ages, but O’Lucky Day sounds pretty promising. The script was originally written by Andrew Dodge, who also penned Bad Words for Jason Bateman — another film that drew comparisons to Bad Santa. Revisions to the script are being made by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who brought a particularly twisted sense of humor to Freddy vs. Jason.

As for Dinklage, you can catch him next on Game of Thrones’ upcoming fifth season. He’s also providing his voice talents to the new animated film Pixels, and he’ll appear opposite Melissa McCarthy in Michelle Darnell, which hits theaters next year.

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