About a month ago, news broke that Marvel had big plans for Hulk, and that they might be sending him to outer space at the end of 'The Avengers 2' in anticipation of a 'Planet Hulk'-style movie. Alas, those rumors have been debunked today.

According to Jeremy Smith of Ain't It Cool News, his sources are telling him that El Mayimbe, who originally broke the story, is dead wrong, and for a very specific reason. This may lead to some back and forth sniping -- and it's possible that either party could be wrong -- but the reason makes sense.

And that reason is that Marvel believes part of why Hulk worked well in 'The Avengers' versus his other two spin-off movies is because of co-star Mark Ruffalo. And the problem with a 'Planet Hulk' styled storyline is that it would eliminate the human component. Ruffalo is currently under the standard-issue six-film contract with Marvel, so he will get a stand-alone movie at some point, but it will likely be earth-based.

Marvel has reasons to be nervous about doing a 'Hulk' standalone at this point, as the character did get two previous attempts to connect with audiences, but both floundered. The first perhaps because it was a very expensive art film masquerading as a comic book movie, and the latter... well, that may have to do with the character, who might be more of a side dish than star. But there will be a Hulk movie at some point. But not 'Planet Hulk' for the foreseeable future.

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